So what really happened at London and Birmingham’s George Floyd / Black Lives Matter protest?

Please read but here is an in-depth video of what happened

31st of May I watched a video from a friend talking about his struggles that he went through, I also had seen a video of a friend explaining his reasons for attending The Black Live Matter protest.  Because the experiences my other black friend had are pretty much identical to mine I had to step up and represent myself, a young black man in England.


The aim of the protest is to show that we exist and we need equality because we have never been equal with opportunities even up to 2020. Trafalgar Square was an amazing vibe with people from all nationalities, skin colour, religions standing up for black people. I’m not going to lie I was shocked to see so many people of other races stand up for me, people like me but most important humanity.


Listening to the chants you could hear everyone’s pain but not being alone made it powerful and empowering. To think I left my home in Wolverhampton to then chant with thousands of people because of my colour could sound silly if your reading this and your not black, but I personally have dealt with racism and microaggressions almost every day when I have left my home or even online.


As I travelled closer to parliament police came out in the hundreds with battens, tasers, and some with guns why? This event was a peaceful protest for equality. I then witnessed a young Indian man being surrounded by police officers for no reason. You might be thinking he must have done something and ill tell you I walked through the group of officers and the Indian male. The officer had asked the young man to walk the opposite direction for no reason, the young man challenged the question with why and the officer said because he can’t walk towards the protest yet hundreds were walking in the same direction. He then stepped back to comply with the officers for a moment and then the officers arrested him for no reason and also said the Indian male head butted his chest which was incorrect. Feel free to watch the footage above. 


From my perception, the police were arresting people like it was a game. I witnessed 6 arrests to people that weren’t assaulting the police or anyone around them. THE POLICE turned to peacefully protest it into a one-sided fight!


The video above shows and explains everything that happened in full. It also has Birmingham’s protest review and footage. 

I hope you enjoy the video and you are here to help equality and humanity.

Take care and speak with you soon 

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